School store ‘pops up’ at Middlebrook

With the assistance of special education teacher Tanya Leonard and library media specialist Lori Ellis, Middlebrook students opened a Middlebrook Pop-Up Store in the media center on Feb. 1.

Each morning, the student-run store sold clothing with the school logo, goods created by the Recycling Club, and classroom essentials like 50-cent pencils and pens and $5 notebooks.

Leonard told Middlebrook’s student newspaper, The Middlebrook Times, that the middle school “used to have a school store years ago” and students were interested in starting one up again.

“We went to the administration with the idea of bringing it back and they said, ‘Why not try bringing it back for a month and make a pop-up store?’ So, that’s what we did,’” she told The Middlebrook Times.

Students have engaged in various marketing campaigns, including strategically placing signs throughout the building, writing advertisements for the morning announcements and visiting the cafeteria during high-traffic times to develop interest and improve visibility for the store.

After analyzing sales and profits for one month, students and staff decided to keep the store open for the remainder of the year. It will be open in the main lobby on the first Monday of each month and in the cafeteria every other Friday during lunch hours.