School renovation on track for budget and construction

Karen Birck of the Miller-Driscoll Building Committee gave a construction update for the school renovation project at the July 20 Board of Selectmen meeting.
She said there have been no expenditures since June 29 and $59,000 has been put back into the construction contingency.
The building will be 28% better than code in terms of energy efficiency.
“The energy model which is required so that the town can receive reimbursement has been completed,” said Birck, “and the Connecticut High Performance Schools checklist has been submitted to the state. Now, we are required to be 21.5% more efficient than code. The building, when completed, will be 28% more efficient than code.”
“Well, that’s more than they said last time,” commented Selectman Deborah McFadden.
“It is, and the difference is in the natural gas. That really, really bumped us up,” said Birck.
The committee is meeting with the Office of School Facilities on July 28 for a review.
The construction office trailer is now in place at the northeast corner of the school with vehicle access from Wolfpit Road.
The temporary classrooms will be delivered in early August “with the intent that they will be up by the time school starts,” said Birck.
“We are still on our timeline; we are meeting all of our milestones,” Birck said.