School happenings: Wilton High School

Korn conducts Google presentations

Business and computer science teacher Amy Korn conducted a presentation on Google applications, their use and classroom integration at the EdTech Team New England GAFE Summit in Burlington, Mass., on March 12-13. Korn also presented innovative and collaborative uses of Google in schools to teachers, administrators and IT staff at the AppEvents Global Summit featuring Google Applications conference in New York City on March 19.

New technology

Wilton High School film teacher Ken Boehm and the video production classes have begun piloting and working with world language, English and science teachers to incorporate the Devo's system into their classroom lessons. Devo's is a district initiative funded by the Wilton Education Foundation that allows the schools to store teacher- and student-created content on a digital server. Through the system, teachers will be able to curate videos, create playlists and more once the technology is further explored and introduced to the faculty. The Devo’s program will be introduced to Wilton’s other public schools this year.

German exchange

Eleven students and two teachers from the Island of Usedom in Northern Germany are spending two weeks in Wilton as part of a German exchange program. The visitors arrived in the United States on Tuesday, March 15, and will be living with host families and attending Wilton High School. They will also travel to New York and Washington, D.C., and will go on a field trip with Wilton High School German classes to see Yale University. Students in Wilton’s German classes will visit Germany in the summer of 2017.