School happenings: Middlebrook

Green Innovation Day

Middlebrook students participated in the seventh annual Green Innovation Day on Jan. 28. Green Innovation Day is supported by the work of Daniel Pink and based on Google's 20% Project Time, which asks Google employees to spend 20% of their time working on project not covered in their job descriptions.

For Green Innovation Day, Middlebrook students chose a personal, school-appropriate and safe project — from baking and artwork to coding and gold course design — and honed their new crafts before sharing them with their classmates.

Shakespearean fun

Two professional actors from the company Shakespeare not only shared their background on Shakespeare with Middlebrook seventh graders, but also performed scenes and included student volunteers. The visit was funded by the Middlebrook PTA.

Non-fiction textbooks

Six grade yellow team students are creating non-fiction textbooks in their writing workshop classes for a unit on research-based informational writing. The students have researched a variety of topics like girls' education, bullying, child labor and environmental issues, and will share their textbooks during an upcoming writing celebration.

Career Day

Career Day at Middlebrook is scheduled for Wednesday, March 16. Anyone interested in participating can contact one of the Middlebrook school counselors for more information.

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