School district revises objectives

The Board of Education unanimously approved to revise three strategic objectives for the Wilton Public School District during its Oct. 12 meeting.

The objectives are designed to help fulfill the district’s vision of having:

  • “All Wilton graduates” be “innovators, collaborators and creative and critical thinkers who are high achieving, socially responsible, civic-minded and have internalized the virtues of compassion and empathy;

  • Its instructional program “meet the demands of a globally interconnected society by providing a rigorous and comprehensive, holistic educational experience.

With this, the district’s goal is to be “recognized as a premier, dynamic, learner-focused district that leads the nation in educational excellence.”


The first revised objective is to adopt a “personalized, student-centered approach to teaching and learning” so that “all students … acquire the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed for success in the 21st Century.”

The district plans to do this through the:

  • Creation of “trusting, respectful and supportive relationships with students and families;

  • Use of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles to develop curricula and instructional frameworks;

  • Design and implementation of high-quality performance assessments.


In hopes of raising academic achievement for all students, the district’s second revised objective is to have teachers:

  • “Possess the knowledge, skills and dispositions to create high-quality classroom assessments that are clear, relevant and designed for success;

  • Engage in collaborative inquiry and problem solving using district and classroom assessment results;

  • Develop instructional plans that meet the needs of all students, then student academic growth will be higher than average and less variable across classrooms, schools and subject areas.”

Central office

The last objective focuses on central officer departments and states that “if all central office departments directly connect their work to the instructional core, then students, teachers, and administrators will have the time, resources and support they need to personalize teaching and learning.”

The district plans to do this by:

  • Recruiting, hiring, developing and supporting teachers “who demonstrate the capacity to personalize teaching and learning;”

  • Providing necessary resources to “support and grow personalized teaching and learning practices;”

  • Creating “a digital learning environment that supports personalized learning and teaching;”

  • Providing “ancillary student services needed to support personalized teaching and learning.”