School district policy requires principals to track tutoring

At its Feb. 25 meeting the Board of Education approved a proposal to revise the school district’s tutoring policy (P-4134) to require school principals to maintain a list of students who are being tutored by school district staff.

The list must also include the names of staff members providing tutoring, subjects, amount of time and duration of tutoring.

Superintendent Kevin Smith said revision was proposed so the district “can begin to get a handle on how widespread [tutoring] is” in the district.

The policy, which was first adopted in 1959 and last revised in 2000, prohibits staff members from offering to tutor students assigned to their classes for remuneration.

It also prohibits staff members from tutoring a student who is not a member of their own class for remuneration “without first consulting the student’s teacher and school principal.” Tutoring or giving assistance for remuneration in any school building is also not allowed.

However, staff members “may accept unsolicited tutoring work at the request of a parent or guardian if no other qualified teacher is reasonably available.”

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