Rock some books and win some prizes

Reading Rocks, the non-competitive read-a-thon presented by the Wilton Education Foundation, is coming in January.

The program raised almost $40,000 last year for Wilton schools. Financially, that is the goal for 2014, to go along with 100% participation by students.

Pledge forms and program information are available online via the school website on Edline. The pledge forms and details will be sent home with students on Jan. 8. Forms are due back to school on Jan. 22, which is also Dress Like a Rock Star Day.

Students participating in the program will be required to read from Jan. 24 to Feb. 9.

All students taking part in Reading Rocks will be entered in a contest to win some great prizes. For each pledge a student receives, they get a chance to win a prize.

An iPad mini will be awarded in kindergarten through fifth grade. One Kindle eReader will be randomly awarded per grade in Miller-Driscoll School, and one per house in Cider Mill School.

In Miller-Driscoll, the grade with the highest percent participating by Jan. 22 will get an extra recess.

In Cider Mill, the house highest percent participating by Jan. 22 will get a homework-free day.

For more, email Julie Steckel at jjsteckel