PGP 2015: Senior scavenger hunt begins

The Post Graduation Party (PGP) committee has been hard at work preparing to bring the this year’s PGP to life on Saturday, June 20.
With the party just weeks away, it is time to let the guessing begin to ultimately reveal this year’s theme, which will be officially announced on Monday, June 1.
To build senior enthusiasm and community support, clues to guess the theme of the event, will be posted on the PGP 2015 Facebook page and Twitter each week in May and will also be placed in select venues throughout town, including:

  • The Village Market, 108 Old Ridgefield Road.

  • Portofino’s II, 10 Center St.

  • Peachwave, 142 Old Ridgefield Road.

  • Coffee Barn, 392 Danbury Road.

  • Scoops, 92 Old Ridgefield Road.

  • Signature Style, 134 Old Ridgefield Road.

  • Wilton High School’s security booth, 395 Danbury Road.

Each week, the clues will become more revealing and prizes will be awarded to one senior boy and one senior girl.
The categories and prizes each week are as follows:

  • Week 1: First guess posted — Gift card to Sandwedge.

  • Week 2: Most creative guess posted — Gift card to Chipolte.

  • Week 3: Funniest guess posted — Gift card to Coffee Barn.

  • Week 4: Best guess — Gift basket.

Week 1 clues are:

  • Guy.

  • Julianne.

  • Kirk.

Seniors should post their guess on the PGP 2015 Facebook page  or Twitter .