Our Lady of Fatima science fair on Friday

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School in Wilton, 225 Danbury Road, will hold a Middle School Science Fair during its annual Grandparents/Special Friends Day celebration on Friday, March 4.

With the approval of science and technology teacher Rose Highland, sixth, seventh and eighth graders selected topics to cover at the fair.

“The goal was to ensure the project challenged the student and reinforced our STEM — science, technology, engineering and math — curriculum,” said Highland.

“Once a topic was approved, each student was required to follow a detailed rubric that included the preparation of a project proposal, hypothesis, data analysis, scientific report, PowerPoint presentation or Prezi, and a display board.”

Some of the topics and questions that will be explored and presented at the fair include:

  • Do plants grow best with chemical, organic or no fertilizer?

  • Construct a Bristlebot (tiny robot) and determine if it runs better on solar power or battery power.

  • Which material makes a better battery- pennies and nickels or quarters?

  • How does music affect memory?

  • Do plants respond to music?

  • How do different liquids affect the properties of a magnet?

  • Which one charges the fastest- a solar powered cell phone charger or an electric one?

  • Which video game is easiest for blind people to use?

  • How do you measure the speed of light with a microwave?

Robotics is a key area of study that has been incorporated into Our Lady of Fatima’s middle school STEM curriculum.

The school’s middle school students work with the Lego Mindstorm EVS 3 Building sets and are challenged to take their robotics skills to the next level and learn all facets of building, planning, programming and testing a robot to solve a mission.

The eighth grade class will even demonstrate an iPad-controlled robot at the science fair.

Principal Martha Reitman said the middle school robotics program has been “so successful” that the school will be expanding the offering to its fourth and fifth grade classes next school year.

The Middle School Science Fair will take place from 10 to 11:30 a.m. in the Our Lady of Fatima School gym.

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