New murals for high school hallways

Wilton High School’s Open Art Club has completed four new murals for the hallways of the high school.
The club, advised by Susanne Brandt, provides students an opportunity to work on art projects for particular classes or create new pieces.
The four new murals each have a different theme or purpose.
The first mural was created by Zareen Reza, Gianna Filipponi, Ava Kaplan and Teena Moya, whose goal was to “brighten the school hallways with a colorful piece,” said Brandt.
The second mural, completed by Lucas Mendola, depicts interests of high school students.
The third mural was created by 2017 senior Catie Frankel, who was inspired by the work of Pablo Picasso.
The fourth mural has a nature theme and was given to the school by Emma Stowe, of the 2017 class.
The four murals will be displayed in different areas of the school. Lucas's mural is already on display, Brandt said, and the other three will go up in the next month.