New course focuses on ‘digital afterlife’

Wilton Continuing Education’s new course, Organize Your Digital Afterlife, on Thursday, Oct. 26, will teach people what happens to their online accounts once they die and what they can do about it now.

“People assume that their heirs will be able to turn off these accounts,” said course instructor Ann Zanon, who is the owner and operator of A2Z Organizing Solutions and one of three certified professional organizers in Connecticut.

Through her Organize Your Digital Afterlife class, Zanon said people will learn tips and tricks to help them transfer their digital accounts, as well as “options for securely saving and accessing passwords.” She will also provide a list of the accounts people often forget about.

“One of my client’s husband passed away and one of his accounts was hacked because no one notified the company of his passing,” she said. “They did not close the account and didn’t have his password.”

Creating a “digital estate plan” is one thing people can do to make sure their online accounts are secured once they die, said Zanon. “That’s one of the things I’ll be having the participants begin to create.”

A digital estate plan, Zanon said, is “a plan for their digital/computer affairs after they die and how that plan is transferred to their heirs.”

Zanon said there are two main reasons why people should take her course — to “get their digital affairs in order for their own personal use” and “to leave their digital affairs in order for their heirs.”

Organize Your Digital Afterlife begins at 7 p.m. and takes place in Room 150 at Wilton High School.

There is a $35 class fee, with a $10 discount for Wilton residents.

Click here for information and registration.