Miller-Driscoll work nears the end

With the school newly opened, the Miller-Driscoll Building Committee is moving into wrap-up mode, with just three anticipated meetings left.
At its most recent meeting on Sept. 14, Energy and Facilities Director Chris Burney commented, “Everybody who sees it is seriously impressed.” He commended the architecture firm TSK Studio for “turning pieces of paper into reality.”
A sampling of the architect’s renderings and the finished results may be found on the committee’s website
Architect Randall Luther reported the project was down to completing a punch list. “Other than that it’s a lot of paperwork,” he said.
Project manager Mike Douyard said work will continue on holidays and weekends with an aim to finish field work this month. All work “will be done by the end of the year,” he said.
First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice stopped by to add to the accolades.
“I wanted to come and thank everyone,” she said. “I hope everyone is hearing the same rave reviews I’m hearing.”
“It’s what an elementary school should be,” committee Vice Chair Glenn Hemmerle said. “It’s what an elementary school should look like.”
A review of the finances showed the project is still under budget. Committed costs to date show a total project cost of $43.3 million, compared to the original budget of $50.02 million. A project contingency of just over $1 million remains.
Two reimbursement checks have been received by the town, one for $3.8 million and one for $2.9 million.
Douyard suggested the town wait until all costs have been calculated before sending a final reimbursement request. A third check in the vicinity of $1 million is expected.
When all is said and done, the final project is estimated to come in around $36.5 million.
A community open house is expected to be held in October.