Miller-Driscoll readies for first day of school

Jeannette Ross photos
School opens Tuesday, Sept. 6, and Turner Construction promises Miller-Driscoll will be ready.

First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice toured the building on Tuesday, Aug. 23 and was heartened by what she saw.

Touring the site with Turner Project Manager Mike Douyard and Chris Burney, Wilton’s director of facilities and energy management, she saw classrooms nearing completion and extensive progress made on the building’s exterior and grounds.

With movers coming in Thursday, Aug. 25, to begin putting classrooms back together, Vanderslice said, “You can feel confident this is going to be done.”

“You can see dramatic change every day,” Burney said.

“It looks good. People don’t need to worry,” Vanderslice said. “Parents don’t need to worry.”

There have been concerns expressed by parents about whether or not the school, and the kitchen and cafeteria in particular, would be ready when children return. But a tour of the school showed the Miller-Driscoll kitchen and cafeteria outfitted for the first day of school. Occupancy inspections are taking place this week.