Miller-Driscoll on time and on budget

Construction at Miller-Driscoll is on pace to be completed this summer, according to a Turner Construction report at Thursday night’s Miller-Driscoll Building Committee meeting. Turner expects the school to be ready by Aug. 28, project manager Mike Douyard told committee members on March 9.

Turner also expects to hand over new second-grade classrooms within a matter of weeks, with the portable classrooms expected to be removed in April.

Douyard also reported the project is on budget. The financial report showed $41,853,891 in committed costs as of March 6:

  • $31,896,601 — site building costs;

  • $4,190,000 — sitework;

  • $4,553,991 — soft costs;

  • $1,213,300 — contingency funds.

Balances remaining are:

  • $273,673 — site building costs;

  • $369,909 — soft costs.

There is $2,247,700 remaining in the contingency budget.

The project was originally budgeted at $50,022,000. As it stands, if the contingency budget is not expended, the project is expected to come in around $42.4 million. That number will be further reduced by several million dollars in state reimbursement.

Committee member Jim Newton asked if the state’s financial difficulties will affect that reimbursement. Architect Randall Luther replied state reimbursement funds are “locked in.” The only thing that may change is what the state considers eligible costs for reimbursement.

Facilities director Chris Burney added the state has not yet sold the bonds it would use for reimbursement funds, so there is no available money at present for that purpose.

Work continues

Work this month in the Driscoll portion of the school includes starting on ceilings and finishes and health and safety inspections.

In the gymnasium and multi-purpose room, the sprinkler system has been installed in the gym, asbestos and PCB abatement is being completed in the “old” kitchen that is not being used, remaining demolition work is to be completed, and concrete and walls have been installed for the stage. Douyard said the stage is expected to be ready for the students’ spring show.

In addition to relocating faculty from the portable classrooms, April activity will see utility installation continue in the parking lot. At Driscoll, masonry will be completed, ceilings will be installed, and the stage and stage curtain will be installed.