Middlebrook students participate in culinary competition

Twenty-five appetizers, 27 main dishes and 48 desserts made by 162 student-chefs were entered into this year’s Top Chef competition at Middlebrook School on Wednesday, March 28.

School staff judged the dishes based on appearance, taste and texture, and three winning dishes were named in each category.


  • First place: Sixth grader Lauren Moe and eighth grader Garrett Moe’s Mexican chicken enchilada soup.

  • Second place: Eighth graders Riley Luchetta and Mia Pepitone’s cheesy Greek swirls.

  • Third place: Sixth grader Gavin Gargano’s Tuscan bean dip with crostini.

Main dishes

  • First place: Eighth graders Rhea Pal and Emily Johnson’s Korean Japchae.

  • Second place: Sixth graders Sid Suneja and Jai Satsangi’s Indian paneer, rice and paratha.

  • Third place: Seventh graders Charlotte Nichols and Cece Lee’s French coq au vin.


  • First place: Sixth grader Marcos Flaim’s Nicaraguan tres leche cake with berries.

  • Second place: Sixth graders Daphne Mills and Sadie Klyver’s Brazilian brigadeiro.

  • Third place: Sixth grader Cora Huff’s Russian bird’s milk cake.

First-place winners received $30 Tusk & Cup gift cards, while second-place winners received $20 Wilton Deli gift cards and third-place winners received $10 Gofer Ice Cream gift cards.

The Top Chef competition took place during Middlebrook’s World Language Week, during which students learned about and celebrated different languages and cultures from around the world.