Middlebrook students named Scholar-Leaders

The Connecticut Association of Schools (CAS) named Middlebrook eighth graders Isabelle Koh and Cameron Berg 2014 Top Scholar-Leaders, in recognition of their scholarship and leadership in school and the community.

Each year, the CAS awards two eighth graders from each Connecticut middle school with Top Scholar-Leader awards, and invites them, their families and school officials to a statewide awards banquet in June.

“Isabelle is an outgoing and independent child,” said Isabelle’s mom, Sun Kim. “She is enthusiastic about learning, meeting new people and trying out new things.”

Cameron was student government president at Middlebrook for two years and worked with students and teachers to restore Middlebrook’s memorials, said his mom, Maxine Berg.

“Cam has received straight A’s for all of his three years at Middlebrook ... and he has won many Middlebrook awards, too,” said Ms. Berg.

Ms. Kim said the academic requirement for Scholar-Leaders is set by CAS and is based on a student’s cumulative scholastic average.

“The minimum scholastic average allowable is 85%, or B, or three 3.0s on a 4.0 scale, or the equivalent standard of excellence for that school,” she explained.

Leadership may be evaluated in terms of the number of offices a student has held in school or community organizations, said Ms. Kim, but “it is important to recognize that leadership also exists apart from elected positions.”

For example, she said, students can exercise leadership by resourcefully applying principles and making suggestions, and exercising influence on peers and upholding school ideals.

As 2014 Scholar-Leaders, Isabelle and Cameron joined other award recipients at CAS’s annual awards ceremony and dinner, held at the Aqua Turf Club in Southington on Monday, June 8.

Each Scholar-Leader received an award signifying the honor and an individual photograph commemorating the event.

Scholar-Leaders and other banquet attendees were joined by Connecticut Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor, as well as other dignitaries included in the evening’s program.

The CAS banquet was sponsored by McDonald’s Restaurants of Connecticut and western Massachusetts.

There was also a Middlebrook School award ceremony on June 12.