Middlebrook sends messages of peace

If you walk into the main entrance of Middlebrook School, you will find tags with various messages of peace hanging along the left side window.

These peace tags, also known as Peace Day tags, are part of an eight-year tradition at the middle school, said Middlebrook Humanities Coach Andrew Cloutier.

Since 2009, Middlebrook has joined schools and countries around the world in celebrating International Peace Day on Sept. 21.

“In our first year, the students and staff viewed Jeremy Gilley’s ‘The Day After Peace,’ a documentary which chronicles his efforts to create the International Day of Peace,” Cloutier told The Bulletin.

“The following year, the entire school participated in creating Peace Day Tags that were placed on the display in the front lobby.”

Recognition of Peace Day at Middlebrook was started by seventh grade green team social studies teacher Kim Rotondo, said Cloutier.

“In August 2009, Kim presented the idea of celebrating International Day of Peace as a school to the social studies department,” he said

“The department was fully on board and we encouraged the staff and students to wear blue and white on Sept. 21, 2009.”

The following year, sixth grade green team social studies teacher Will Mathews installed the wire display in the lobby and the entire school participated in leaving messages of peace on the display.

Cloutier said students create the tags in social studies classes each year, and staff are invited to create their own as well.

“Each school year, the tags from the previous year are removed and the new ones are added on [Sept. 21],” he said.