Middlebrook gets new math textbooks

Middlebrook eighth graders will have new math textbooks next year, thanks to a committee of Middlebrook and Wilton High School teachers whose textbook recommendation was approved by the Board of Education during its June 25 meeting.
According to the committee’s recommendation, Middlebrook currently uses the Math in Focus-Course 3 textbook series, which teachers have been “supplementing to include algebra units of instruction.”
The series will be replaced by one currently used at the high school — Glencoe Algebra I — “in order to ensure common experiences for students enrolled in algebra courses throughout [the] district,” according to the recommendation.
The Glencoe Algebra series was adopted for use in Wilton High School three years ago. It is aligned with Common Core standards and those of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
Some of its advantages are that it:

  • Provides greater depth and breadth of algebra concepts;

  • Includes well-designed online materials for students and teachers;

  • Aligns to the geometry course and higher level courses provided by Wilton High School.


The new textbook series will cost the district an estimated $23,828.31 and break down as follows:

  • Student editions: $17,796.

  • Teacher editions: $1,649.70.

  • Ancillary materials: $2,216.40.

  • Shipping and handling: approximately $2,166.21


Seventh and eighth grade teachers will periodically meet throughout the first year of the series’ implementation to evaluate its success and recommend any necessary supplementation.
A curriculum map will be created over the summer and revised during the first year to reflect methods used and levels of student success.