Last day of school will be June 26 or 27

With days lost to weather — three days alone last week — Superintendent of Schools Kevin Smith said the last day of school for students is expected to be Tuesday, June 26. That is if the Board of Education approves changing the last student day — now June 27 — into a staff day.

If the snow storm predicted for tomorrow, March 13, forces schools to close, the last student day will be June 27. Any further cancellations will result in chipping away at the April break, beginning with Friday, April 13.

“Because so many families make travel plans far in advance we make every effort to avoid shortening this vacation period,” Smith said in a statement.

He outlined the reasons school will extend into late June:

  • The number of cancellations related to weather has been abnormally high.

  • The first student day occurred after Labor Day — most surrounding communities began school prior to Labor Day.

  • Several religious holidays fell on school days this year.

  • Staff professional learning days are scheduled around some holiday periods.

The 2018-2019 calendar shows June 17, 2019 as the last student day, with two staff  professional learning days moved to August. The district’s calendar-planning guidelines propose opening after Labor Day when it falls between Sept. 1 and 3, and before Labor Day when it falls between Sept. 4 and 7.

“In light of this year’s projected late closure, we will revisit all of our calendar planning guidelines,” Smith said.