Inside Miller-Driscoll’s temporary classrooms

Kendra Baker photos
On Monday, Dec. 14, six second grade classes will move out of their Miller-Driscoll classrooms and into temporary ones.

The modular buildings, provided by ModSpace, will be used as classrooms as the primary school on Wolfpit Road undergoes a $50-million renovation.

Walking into one of the temporary classrooms was like walking into any ordinary classroom. There was a SMARTBoard, storage space, chairs, desks, posters, clock, fire alarm, books and other school supplies — with more on the way.

Teachers started transferring supplies, materials, furniture and other essentials to their temporary classrooms on Monday, Dec. 7, and some even started over the weekend, Principal Cheryl Jensen-Gerner told The Bulletin.

Although the temporary rooms were not completely furnished, stocked and student-ready by the time parents toured them on Wednesday, Jensen-Gerner said they will be by the time students move in on Monday.

The temporary classrooms were set up over the summer. In addition to the fully enclosed classrooms with corridors connected to the exit doors, the modular building also has bathrooms and lockers.

Miller-Driscoll’s renovation project is expected to be complete December 2017.