Honor roll will not be publicized

Wilton High School students looking for their names in the honor roll won’t find it in the newspaper following the high school administration’s decision to no longer release the names of honor roll designees to the media.

Instead, Board of Education chair Christine Finkelstein told The Bulletin on Jan. 4, “students who earn honor roll designation will be notified and celebrated via an electronic certificate that is transmitted with their report cards.”

The decision not to disseminate the honor roll to the media is “based on a desire to protect student privacy,” said Finkelstein, adding that the honor roll will “continue in its present form for the foreseeable future.”

“Should the high school administration decide to make substantive changes,” she said, “any proposal would come to the full Board of Education at that time.”

In October, Board of Education member Lory Rothstein announced that the board’s Teaching and Learning Committee would start taking a look at the high school’s quarterly honor roll to see if changes should be made.

At the time, Rothstein said, the committee was “just asking questions” about the honor roll, such as “Are the requirements right? Are we doing it at the right times of the year? Should we even have one or not?”

Rothstein said the committee will be “exploring” possible changes to the honor roll “over the course of the year.”

According to an honor roll update document prepared for the Teaching and Learning Committee’s Jan. 3 meeting, there had been “consensus” among instructional leaders and school board members at a recent committee meeting that the high school “should no longer have the honor roll.”

Not only have other school counselors concurred that “not having the honor roll would be a good idea because it can have a negative impact on students’ self-esteem who do not make it,” according to the document, but it “is not a positive factor in college admissions.”

The next step is to have the Wilton High School administration, instructional leaders and counselors “reach a final decision and revise the 2019-20 Program of Studies accordingly to reflect any changes,” according to the document.

The next Teaching and Learning Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 31, at 11 a.m., at the Board of Education offices.