Helping Hands helps grant wishes, spread kindness at Cider Mill

Helping Hands, a group of students and adults who work to promote a positive school culture at Cider Mill, have planned and implemented different projects to help with its initiative.

One of those projects was Someday Wishes, where students and staff wrote down wishes they would like to have granted, and the following five wishes are being granted this week:

  • Aly Scheurkogel wished to have her mom bring in a giant chocolate chip cookie for her daughter during lunch.

  • Tiffany Ling wished to be principal for an hour.

  • Courtney Allen dedicated her wish to third grade teacher Dave DiCrescenzo, who is allowed to take a short break this week.

  • Third grade teacher Kimberly Sakamoto wished to bring one of her friends into the school to implement a yoga session with her and her students.

  • Fourth grade teacher Sue Miller wished for a bouquet of daffodils to remind her that spring is on its way.

Part of Helping Hands’ initiative is to spread kindness, and several students decided to show the school’s custodians gratitude by giving them cookies, chocolates and mints,  getting them pizza for lunch, and giving them a "Thank you for everything" poster signed by students.