Education board reviews two new policies

The Board of Education reviewed and discussed two new mandated policies during its Sept. 6 meeting. The policies pertain to food service charging and bus driver drug and alcohol testing, and is on the board’s  Sept. 20 agenda for approval.

Cafeteria meal charging

The Food Service Charging policy ( No. 3542.43 ) would “allow students to charge cafeteria meals on occasions when they do not have money on hand to cover costs.”

The Wilton Public School District uses the Nutrikids point-of-sale prepayment system, which allows students’ parents and guardians to view their account balances and purchases, receive low-balance alerts, and make deposits.

When credit is extended to a student with insufficient funds, repayment will be expected “in an expeditious manner,” according to the policy. Under the new policy, students will be able to charge up to a balance of -$9. “When that limit is reached,” the policy states, “alternative meals will be provided until outstanding charges are paid in full.” The policy defines an alternative meal as “any meal served to a student that is different from the day's advertised reimbursable meal.”

The policy states that efforts made by the school district to “recover money owed due to the charging of meals must not have a negative impact on the students, and should focus solely on adults in the household.” This policy is separate from the district’s participation in the National School Lunch Program and the federal and state programs that provide for no-cost or reduced-price lunches.

Testing for bus drivers

According to the Drug and Alcohol Testing for Bus Drivers policy ( No. 4212.42 ), bus service contracts approved by the school district “shall include assurances that the contractor will establish and actively enforce a drug- and alcohol-testing program that meets the requirements of federal and state mandates” and the district’s policy. The contracts must also “stipulate” that results from such testing will be made available to the school district.

The Board of Education’s next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 20, at 7 p.m.