Education board meetings stream live

If you can’t attend a Thursday evening Board of Education meeting, don't worry. You can now watch a live stream of the board meetings from anywhere with an Internet connection.
The education board’s Dec. 3 meeting streamed live for what many thought was the first time, but according to technology director Mathew Hepfer, it was actually the second.
“We were actually streaming last week,” Hepfer said during the Dec. 3 meeting. “We were having trouble with the output feeds but the company said we were streaming the whole time — we just didn’t know that we were.”
The school district uses Discover Video’s DEVOS 4 streaming and management portal. Discover Video is a video streaming and digital media solutions manufacturer based in Wallingford.
To access the live stream, visit, click “Board of Education' at the top of the page, then click 'Live View of the Board of Education Meetings' under the Contents section on the right-hand side — or visit BOELiveStream.