Education board elects parent liaison

Wilton’s Board of Education voted to recommend board member Christine Finkelstein as its Parent Advisory Board (PAB) liaison.

“We talk frequently at this table about the Parent Advisory Board, which is incredibly valuable to parents that work with our special education department and community,” Chairman Bruce Likly said at the education board’s June 12 meeting.

“They have expressed to a number of Board of Education members that we consider adding a Board of Education liaison to that group.”

The PAB works to improve communication, education and trust among parents of children with special needs, Wilton Public School staff and administration.

The PAB is comprised of parents of children receiving special services in Wilton, PTA special education representatives and school and Wilton Special Services administrators, who work to improve communication, education and trust among parents of special needs children, school staff and administration.

“This valuable group is looking for additional attention from us,” said Mr. Likly.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to engage this incredible group of parents.”

Ms. Finkelstein said she believes having a PAB Board of Education liaison would be beneficial.

“It’s just phenomenal what goes on there and I think it’s a tribute to how far they have come in the last couple years,” she said. “I just think it would be very important to participate.”

Education board member Lory Rothstein said she thinks adding a Board of Education liaison would “show the board that they have the support of the Board of Education, that we care enough to be a part of their discussions.”

Ann Paul, director of special services, said she thinks having a liaison would be “a wonderful tribute to the PAB.”

“I think they really are a force of good in the town of Wilton,” she said, “and I think they will be delighted to have the recognition and participation,” she said.

The PAB meets once a month on the first Wednesday morning of the month, Ms. Paul told the education board.

The Board of Education unanimously voted to have Ms. Finkelstein join Ms. Paul at the PAB’s next meeting in September, with board member Laura Schwemm as backup liaison.