Education board approves $80-million school budget

The Board of Education unanimously approved Superintendent Kevin Smith’s $79,956,024 recommended budget for FY16 during its Feb. 5 meeting.
The budget represents a 1.98% increase over the current fiscal year and breaks down as follows:

  • Salaries: 60.5%;

  • Employee benefits: 17.3%;

  • Contracted services, outplacements, supplies and equipment: 13.8%;

  • Transportation: 4.5%;

  • Buildings, operations and facilities: 2.9%;

  • Substitutes: 1%.

The budget also proposes $3,865,367 for special education tuition next year — an $813,609 increase over the current year.

Questions and answers

Prior to the board’s approval of the budget, Dr. Smith answered 28 questions about his proposed spending plan — ranging from teacher salaries, school athletics and enrichment programs to textbook costs, technology and preschool tuition.
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