District ratifies secretaries, clerks and aides contract

The Wilton Board of Education finally ratified its secretaries, clerks and aides contract during a special meeting on July 9. The collective bargaining agreement with United Public Service Employees Union Local 424 expires June 30, 2021.

Under the contract, secretaries, clerks and aides in the district are paid hourly wages for either 52-week or 183- to 185-day work years. Their wages depend on the cluster their positions fall under. The hourly wages per cluster for the 2018-19 school year are:

  • Cluster A: Campus supervisors, receptionists and general clerical aides: $23.25 to $27.97.

  • Cluster B: Paraprofessionals, audiovisual assistants, library assistants and lab technicians: $23.58 to $28.47.

  • Cluster C: College and career center assistants and school, activities, guidance, athletics, special education, attendance and business office secretaries: $27.17 to $33.44.

  • Cluster E: Executive secretaries: $30.22 to $37.77.

  • Cluster F: Wilton High School registrar and general accountant: $31.41 to $40.13.

  • Cluster G: Administrative assistants: $40.95.

Although no positions were listed under Cluster D, the 2018-19 hourly wage is listed as $36.27.

Secretaries, clerks and aides will see general wage increases of at least 2% each year through 2021, according to the contract.

Additional agreements

The recently ratified contract also contains several additional agreements, including a change to the district’s attendance policy for children of school district employees, as well as the establishment of a joint committee.

For years, school district employees’ children have been able to attend Wilton’s public schools free of charge, but under the recently ratified contract, union members hired on or after July 1, 2017, must now pay 30% of the applicable tuition rate. The tuition rate is determined by the per pupil expenditure, according to the central office, and the rate for the 2018-19 school year is $20,357. This means it will cost a union member $6,107.10 to send his or her child to Wilton public schools.

A joint committee has been established to “discuss any need to clarify job descriptions, job titles, job classifications and variations from school to school,” according to the contract. The committee — chaired by the human resources director and consisting of two designees from the union and school board, respectively — is scheduled to commence its work on Oct. 1, and report its findings to the parties by Jan. 1, 2019.

Click here to view the secretaries, clerks and aides contract.