District analyzes ‘academic return on investment’

An Achievement Value Analysis is being piloted in the Wilton school district this spring, Board of Education Chair Bruce Likly announced at the March school budget hearing.
Developed by consultant group District Management Council, the analysis is designed to “boost academic return on investment” by allowing “the most successful and cost-effective interventions to be identified and targeted to students who will benefit most.”
Implementation will include an analysis of “the relationship among student grouping structures, student outcomes and direct and indirect costs” and will provide the school district with “a clearer understanding of the value and effectiveness of various programs.”
“We’re moving onto programs to better understand the relationship among student group structures, student outcomes and direct and indirect costs so we can make more informed decisions in the future,” said Likly.
“I don’t know exactly how this is going to play out, but I’m excited to be going on this journey and I look forward to reporting back on our progress.”