Digital learning workshop for parents

Parents of school children are invited to a workshop that will explore how digital tools and resources enhance learning experiences for students.

Fran Kompar, director of digital learning for the Wilton School District, will lead the workshop on Wednesday, Jan. 23, at the Middlebrook Library Learning Commons. Parents may choose from attending a morning session from 9:30 to 11, or an evening session from 7 to 8:30. Parents should bring a device, if available.

Kompar will be joined by members of the the Learning Commons staff in presenting digital resources that are available to students and ways for parents to learn strategies to help their child, no matter the age.

Specifically, this session will explore ways to:

  • Provide students better access to text through various modalities — Extensions that allow text-to-speech, de-cluttering of a webpage or YouTube educational video, highlight and annotate (Just Read, Announcify, Read&Write, ViewPure).

  • Provide students access to books and other texts in audio or online interactive formats — Introduction to the new Overdrive app, Sora, which provides easy access to thousands of audiobooks and ebooks.

  • Represent information for the youngest learners — Overview of databases and tools that are introduced at Miller-Driscoll such as PebbleGo, BookFlix, Google Classroom, and Typing Club.

  • Provide multiple means of expression — Overview of tools that are used to present information (We-Video, Padlet, Voicethread, Google Slides).

  • Provide ways to access texts at different reading levels — Overview of online reading resources that allow for adjustments to reading levels based on Lexile levels (Newsela, library databases).

  • Provide strategies for organizational skills — The daytime session will feature a seventh-grade student, Grace Bonita, who has used Google Keep to organize herself and is now teaching it to other students in the sixth-grade Digital Literacy class (Google Keep).

After introductions and tutorials, there will be time for parents to try out the various tools with support from the presenters. Questions may be directed to Fran Kompar at