Continuing Ed offers preschool Spanish

One of Wilton Continuing Education’s new student enrichment programs this fall is designed to help preschoolers start to learn Spanish — Preschool Spanish with Señora Vicky.
The eight-session program beginning in October will provide “a great foundation for Spanish in elementary school and beyond,” said Victoria Kantor, instructor of the class.
Kantor has been teaching Spanish to students since 2005. She teaches three- through eight-year-olds at Wilton Parks and Recreation, as well as students at the Zion’s Hill Preschool, Create Learning Center and Children’s Day School.
“The preschool years are a prime age for language acquisition. Often-times, schools don’t start teaching languages past these prime years,” she said. “By starting preschoolers with languages, parents are capitalizing on this natural ability young learners have to ‘soak up’ the language — particularly in areas of pronunciation.”
With the objective of having preschoolers learn more than colors, numbers and animals, Preschool Spanish with Señora Vicky will introduce them to a rich vocabulary in context — including relevant phrases for their age — in a dynamic and entertaining way.
“In my preschool classes, I incorporate music and movement, puppets, props, finger play, games and stories to make language acquisition easy and enjoyable for young learners,” said Kantor.
Because preschoolers “derive comfort from routines,” she said, each 45-minute class will include an opening song, weather song, “the specific teaching point of the day, carried out through a game, another song or audiovisual material,” and will end with an “Adios” song.
She also uses familiar songs and stories like “La araña pequeñita” — “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” — and believes “physical movement is key to keeping children engaged.”
Kantor said she always incorporates “cultural tidbits” into her classes, such as “sharing traditions of children from my home country of Argentina and other Spanish-speaking countries around the world.”
Preschool Spanish with Señora Vicky will take place on Mondays, beginning Oct. 2, from 1:15 to 2, in Preschool Room N001 at Miller-Driscoll School. There is a $195 fee.
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