Connecticut residents 12th most positive about their state’s public school system

Seventy-one percent of Connecticut residents rate the quality of K-8 public education in the state as "excellent" or "good," according to a new Gallup poll, released on March 10.

Gallup conducted approximately 500 telephone interviews in each state between March 30 and Dec. 22 of last year and found that residents in states with a large percentage of interviewees rating the quality of education as excellent or good are more likely to believe their public school system prepares students for success in the workplace.

In Connecticut, 68% of residents said they believe the state’s public education system does.

The state with the highest excellent or good school system rating is North Dakota, with an 89% respondent rate, followed by Minnesota and Nebraska, both at 82%. Nevada and New Mexico tied for the lowest rated school systems, at 42%.

As for workplace preparedness, North Dakota also took the top spot with 89% of its residents saying they believe their state’s system prepares its students.

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