Class gift: No problems, only solutions

Evaline: Faculty and administration, family and friends, and, especially, the Class of 2015 — here at Wilton High School, we all realize that our experience over the last four years has been shaped by much more than sitting in a classroom. In between the carefully plotted schedules of each hectic school day, the bells that ring at 9:59 a.m. (give or take five seconds), we have free periods, lunch, early mornings, afternoons. In reality, it’s during those moments of rest when we let go of stress and relax with each other for a while that we grow as a community, that Wilton High School becomes a happier place.
Endy: As we all know, some changes were implemented this year to improve our school security. There were tighter restrictions placed on walking under the bridge between classes and eating outside in front of the school. Even though these changes were made to make us safe, it’s understandable that some students were upset about not being able to get fresh air during the school day.
Evaline: As a solution, the Class of 2015, in collaboration with the Executive Board, administration, and custodial staff at Wilton High School, is in the process of building an outdoor patio space behind the cafeteria for students to eat lunch and spend free time. We’re creating a mulch picnic area with stone pavers, solar-powered torch lights, flowers and greenery, and picnic tables for the entire school to use. In addition, we’ve provided some Frisbees, footballs, and other outdoor activities for students to enjoy.
Endy: These class gifts are an annual tradition for the graduating class to leave its legacy on the school. Yet this year, our gift is not just the legacy of our class but that of the entire school and even Wilton community — the Executive Board and administration; Mr. Figueroa and the rest of the amazingly helpful custodial staff; local businesses that helped our silent auction fund-raiser to raise money for the project. Our gift is a tribute to the incredible community of our school, people eager to brighten their high school, to respond to the loss of some privileges by creating something new. We would like to thank all local town patrons that donated toward the project and participated in our silent auction during the spring musical Camelot. With some of the remaining funds raised, an account has been started for next year’s student government to manage, replenish, and expand the project to accommodate the needs and desires of future Wilton High School students. It is with great honor that we present this gift on behalf of the Class of 2015 to Wilton High School. We hope that it will continue to be used by all students to further the learning community and foster a successful yet relaxing environment.