Cider Mill student publishes first book

Ashley Capelle, a third grader at Cider Mill, has been writing books since she was 5 years old.

Ashley, who turns 9 in June, has written more than 300 books over the past four years.

When she was 6, Ashley wrote The Runaway Pizza!, which is her first book to be professionally illustrated and printed.

“To date, it has only been printed privately,” said Ashley’s mother, Nancy Capelle.

Available now as an Amazon e-book, The Runaway Pizza! is about a slice of pizza that was delivered to a boy and girl’s house and ran away when the pizza box was opened.

“As it ran, it was chased by many different people and animals until it finally made it back to the pizza store, uneaten,” said Ms. Capelle.

Ms. Capelle said Ashley’s book-making actually began with drawing maps at the age of 5.

“Eventually, when she learned to read and write, she began stapling pieces of paper together to make books,” said Ms. Capelle.

Ms. Capelle said Ashley initially illustrated and wrote her stories in pencil, but has “now moved to typing them on the computer.”

“The stories are more complex.  She has many ‘chapter’ books.”

Ms. Capelle said Ashley’s books are each under 10 pages and take her a few hours or less to create.

“We paid a freelance illustrator to illustrate her hand-written and hand-drawn book.”

The illustrations in The Runaway Pizza! are by Shaun Crum.

A portion of proceeds from sales of The Runaway Pizza! will go to benefit Animals in Distress, an organization dedicated to the care and placement of homeless cats, said Ms. Capelle.

The Runaway Pizza! e-book can be purchased on Amazon here.