Building committee approves pump to augment sprinklers

The Miller-Driscoll Building Committee approved the expenditure of up to $160,000 for a pump to augment the sprinkler system that will be installed as part of the school’s renovation. The money will come out of the contingency budget, which stands at more than $3 million.

Chris Burney, Wilton’s director of facilities and energy management, announced the need for the pump at the committee’s May 12 meeting. The sprinkler system was designed without a pump, but when the contractor submitted the pipe layout there were more pipe elbows needed than anticipated. That necessitated the addition of a pump to increase water pressure.

“We have no choice of putting it in,” he said. The only other option would be to increase the size of the pipes from four inches to six inches, but he said there is not enough room for that option.

“Will it work as well as if there were fewer elbows?” committee member Dick Dubow asked.

“It will make it better,” Burney said, adding they are looking at “buying the most reliable pump at the most reasonable cost.”

“This is not something we can compromise on,” committee Vice Chair Glenn Hemmerle said. “This is one of those things once you get in and get the job underway, you find out.”