Boundless Education: Twelve years of enrichment

For 12 years, Wilton’s Boundless Education has been teaching enrichment subjects to first- through sixth-graders.

Nancy Miller, founder, said Boundless Education’s mission is to teach “unique content of the highest quality to bright and motivated students.”

“Students with high ability can learn big concepts early in their academic life, and they an learn with less repetition than other students,” she said.

“We offer programs that expose students to varying mind-stretching topics designed to intrigue and challenge young people.”

Ms. Miller said Boundless Education’s course offerings take different forms at different times.

“Sometimes we offer classes in creative writing and other times we offer computer programming,” said Ms. Miller.

“This school year, we are teaching mathematics enrichment at five different levels.”

Using the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS) curriculum, Boundless Education’s math enrichment courses stress logical decision-making and problem-solving, said Ms. Miller.

“A child’s brain is like a muscle whose problem-solving ability can be strengthened through practice,” she said.

“Because the class content is fun, children learn amazing things while they play games and solve problems.”

Ms. Miller said instructors at Boundless Education work to assure that each child in a math enrichment class is being challenged to their highest ability, “while being given a chance to demonstrate success.”

The subjects and times of Boundless Education classes change throughout the year and with students’ needs, said Ms. Miller.

“Typically, our youngest students in grades 1 and 2 attend classes before school at Miller-Driscoll,” explained Ms. Miller.

“We teach after-school enrichment at Comstock Community Center for students in grades 3 and up.”

Boundless Education is offered through the Wilton Parks & Recreation Department, and students can be registered at the department headquarters in Comstock.

“Parents who are interested in enrolling a student in mathematics enrichment can start by calling Boundless Education to discuss their child,” said Ms. Miller.

“We want to hear about a students’ math ability and interest, and the parents’ goals. We strive to place each child in a class of students with similar learning ability.”

Class registration is ongoing throughout the year, and all class sessions run eight weeks.

Information: 203-762-7402 or email