Board of Education adopts budget

The Board of Education unanimously voted to adopt Superintendent Kevin Smith's $82,983,607 proposed school budget for the fiscal year 2020 (FY20) Thursday night.

The budget reflects a $1,107,044 or 1.35 percent increase from the district's current budget. The budget also falls below the 1.6 percent budget guidance recommended by the Board of Finance in October.

Board of Education Chairman Christine Finkelstein said the budget is lean, but the town will still face challenges with the upcoming revaluation. She said the ongoing discussions in Hartford about regionalization could be impactful as well.

"We are going to be up against quite a few headlines as we try to sell this," Finkelstein said. "We came in below the Board of Finance guidance, but we're not done yet."

Board member Deborah Low said she commended Dr. Smith for going above and beyond to keep the budget below the guidance. She said she was happy the proposed budget does no harm to class sizes.

"We've also added a new additional program," Low added. "To accomplish that with 1.35 percent is great for the school system."