BOE round-up: Evaluation plans, hall of fame, peace poles

In addition to approving annually required teacher and administrator evaluation plans for 2016-17 during its May 12 meeting, the Board of Education discussed the idea of creating a hall of fame at the high school and installing peace poles at Wilton's public schools.

Hall of fame

Board of Education Chair Bruce Likly brought up the idea of creating a hall of fame in the Zellner Gallery to honor students and faculty who have been recognized nationally for art, academics, community service and athletics.

Although it's in the planning stages, Likly said, there is an idea to turn the Zellner Gallery's "long panel of glass that looks into a hallway," which is currently used for storage, into the hall of fame.

If a hall of fame were created, Likly said, a nomination review committee would be formed, comprised of school principals, the superintendent, board chair and other administrators, who would get together and review nominations. Those who nominated individuals to be in the hall of fame would have to pay for the plaque, he added.

Peace poles

The Wilton Rotary Club is looking to erect peace poles, which support one of the club’s focus areas — promoting peace — in key locations throughout Wilton, including the public schools.

Rotary Club members Carol Johnson and Susan Goldman discussed the idea of installing the poles at the schools with education board members, who said they liked the idea.

Johnson and Goldman said the eight-foot-tall, eight-sided peace poles would each read "World peace through understanding" in eight languages, and the Rotary Club would pay for the poles and their installation.