Ann Paul will retire at end of school year

Assistant Superintendent of Special Services Ann Paul plans to retire at the end of this school year after more than 20 years in Wilton’s public school system.

Superintendent Kevin Smith, who announced the news of Paul’s retirement during the Board of Education’s Jan. 26 meeting, said Paul’s job is “really one of the most difficult roles in public education.”

“My experience with Ann in the last two-and-a-half years has really been extraordinary,” he said.

“She is the embodiment of grace under pressure, and despite all that comes her way, she remains keenly focused on kids.”

During her time in the district, Smith said, Paul has served as a counselor, an advocate for “countless children and families,” and “has really done an amazing job overseeing all of our efforts to improve services to our children.”

In 2014, Paul was appointed the district’s first-ever assistant superintendent of special services with the responsibility of reviewing programs, planning programming adaptations, providing professional development and allocating resources to meet students’ needs.

Prior to that, she served as the district’s special services director for seven years and was responsible for overseeing the its special education programming. She also assisted the Wilton Security Task Force in discussions about mental health and school security.

“We’ve begun the recruitment process to recruit a replacement and as you know, that will be no small task,” said Smith.

“I think about the coming change, and I know that Ann’s successor has some mighty big shoes to fill.”