Amended legislation may kill regional school calendar

When the Board of Education reviewed the draft regional school calendar developed by Cooperative Educational Services (CES) on April 10, Superintendent Gary Richards mentioned a bill in the General Assembly that would postpone implementation of the calendar until the 2016-17 school year.

At the board’s April 24 meeting, Dr. Richards offered a legislative update. He said he spoke with Chris LaBelle, associate executive director of CES, earlier that day.

“He mentioned that there was an amendment to the bill that, if moved forward, would strike the concept of a regional calendar entirely,” said Dr. Richards.

According to Dr. Richards, Mr. LaBelle said he spoke to one of the lobbyists working the bill.

“He spoke to the speaker of the house and learned that the speaker is not interested in delaying the uniform calendar implementation,” explained Dr. Richards.

“Therefore, they may let the bill do away with the calendar; let it die and not take it up in the House.”

Dr. Richards said he expects the process to drag out, “given the nature of the General Assembly,” and said the school district will just have to wait and see what happens.