Almost 20 Wilton students advance to state art competition

After placing first out of more than 50 students in this year’s school-level competitions, 19 Wilton public school students will move on to compete at the state level in the 2017 PTA Reflections Art Competition.

The PTA Reflections Program is a national student arts recognition program, founded in 1969 by the Colorado Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), that encourages and celebrates creativity in schools nationwide by allowing students to express themselves, explore their creativity and develop their talents by engaging in the arts.

Students at all four Wilton public schools were asked to submit artwork, reflecting on this year’s “What is Your Story?” theme, into six art categories — dance, film, literature, music, photography and visual arts — judged by age group.

Miller-Driscoll students placed in the following categories:

  • Film: Meredith Schwartz, first place; Tristen Albright, second place.

  • Literature: Julian Capalbo, first place; Jack Hamilton, second place; Gavin Toohill, third place.

  • Music: Eddie Musser, first place.

  • Photography: Shia Borelli, first place; Lily Wang, second place; Arav Gupta, third place.

  • Visual arts: Raima Kaushal, first place; Isla Dzik, second place; Yashi Kondreddi, third place; Noah Vanden Heurel, honorable mention.

Cider Mill School students placed in the following categories:

  • Dance: Sienna Morris, first place.

  • Film: Finn Ryder, first place.

  • Literature: Lydia Hall, first place; Scarlett DiCamillo, second place; Schuyler Groves, third place; Mick Hamilton, honorable mention.

  • Music: Grace Ratcliffe, first place; Sahana Bhagavatula, second place; Nolan Medalla, third place; Trevor Galligan, honorable mention.

  • Photography: Sahana Bhagaratula, first place; Hadley Lineberger, second place; Saniya Shah, third place; Aryan Shah, honorable mention.

  • Visual arts: Sadie Kreter, first place; Mackenzie Northway, second place; Trevor Galligan, third place; Liliana Finn, honorable mention.

Placing in the middle school division categories were the following Middlebrook School students:

  • Dance: Jessica Wu, first place; Kelsey Tangorra, second place.

  • Literature: Harish Subramanian, first place; Jessica Wu, second place.

  • Photography: Ryan McElroy, first place; Vihan Jayawardhane, second place; Jessica Wu, third place; Rohan Shah, honorable mention.

  • Visual arts: Colby Loughran, first place; Harish Subramanian, second place; Caroline Yoon, third place; Anika Bhagavatula, honorable mention.

Wilton High School students placed in the following categories:

  • Film: Karli Williams, first place.

  • Literature: Mia Ruefenacht, first place; Adrienne Coslick, second place; Vignesh Subramanian, third place.

  • Photography: Katherine Buse, first place; Juliette Sinor, second place; Kathy Shouvlin, third place; Meghan Lane, honorable mention.

  • Visual arts: Niamn McCarthy, first place; Charles Li, second place; Jessica Wiener, third place; Allison Farago, honorable mention.

First-place winners of the state-level competition will go on to be judged at the national level.