AP participation, scores decline slightly

Advanced placement (AP) performance and participation among Connecticut public school students have been increasing statewide — but in Wilton, participation and performance levels have actually been decreasing, according to 2017-18 data from The College Board.

According to The College Board’s latest AP participation and performance report, 30,411 Connecticut public school students took at least one AP exam during the 2017-18 school year, and 55,738 total AP exams were taken. Both figures reflect 5% increases from the prior year. Of the exams taken, 37,804 achieved scores of 3-5, reflecting an increase of 3.8% from 2016-17.

At Wilton High School, 348 students took 738 AP exams during the 2017-18 school year, and 665 of the exams received scores of 3 or higher. According to The College Board, each of these three figures reflect decreases from the 2016-17 school year:

  • Number of test-takers: 4% decrease (13 fewer students).

  • Number of AP exams taken: 8.4% decrease (68 fewer exams).

  • Number of exams scored 3 or higher: 5% decrease (34 fewer exams).


Wilton may have had the third-lowest number of AP test-takers (348) and AP exams taken (738) in its district reference group, DRG-A, but the district had second-highest percentage of AP exams with scores of 3-5.

According to The College Board’s data, 90% of the AP exams taken by Wilton students received at least a 3 in 2017-18.

District reference groups are used by the Connecticut Department of Education to classify local public school districts together based on the similar socioeconomic status of their students. Other towns in DRG-A include Darien, Easton, Redding, Ridgefield, New Canaan, Weston and Westport.

At 92%, Darien and Westport tied for the highest percentage of exams scoring 3 or higher. The other DRG-A districts faired as follows:

  • New Canaan: 89%

  • Ridgefield: 88%

  • Weston: 86%

  • Region 9: 85%

Westport had the highest number of AP test-takers (579) and AP exams taken (1,297), followed by Ridgefield (506 test-takers, 1,153 exams) and New Canaan (453 test-takers, 1,064 exams). In Darien, 421 students took 928 AP exams, while Weston had 303 test-takers and 756 exams, and Region 9 had 252 test-takers and 509 exams,

Westport also offered the most AP courses of all DRG-A towns in 2017-18. According to The College Board’s data, the district offered 31 AP courses to students that year — only one more than New Canaan, which offered 30 AP courses. Darien offered 28, while Ridgefield and Weston each offered 24. At 23, Wilton had the second-lowest number of AP courses offered in 2017-18. Region 9 had the lowest in the DRG-A at 21.