ABC alumnus returns to Wilton

Jean Pierre (JP) Clark originally came to Wilton as a scholar in A Better Chance of Wilton (ABC) program in 2010. After graduating from college, he took a job with ASML and has moved back to town.

Like others in the Better Chance program, Clark is from an inner-city community where it is difficult to get the kind of education Wilton High School students enjoy. The ABC program gives academically talented youths a “better chance” of achieving their potential and attending college.

Clark did very well at Wilton High School. He made friends and studied hard, according to ABC officials. He had the support of academic advisers, a college coach and a host family headed by Lisa Lamason.

Clark graduated from high school in 2014 and went on to receive a scholarship to Notre Dame University where he studied aerospace engineering.

Between his junior and senior year at Notre Dame he interned at ASML in Wilton. When he graduated, he was hired by ASML and went back to live with the Lamason family.

“A Better Chance is proud of JP’s success and all the success enjoyed by the alumni of the program here in Wilton. It is gratifying to see a scholar come back to work and live here,” ABC officials said in a statement.

A Better Chance has two homes in Wilton, one for five boys and one for five girl scholars, with home directors.

ABC is completely funded by local private donations. Many volunteers are involved in providing for their care while they are here (host families, drivers, college coaches). To learn more about ABC or to make a donation to the program, visit