A fuel cell for Wilton High?

In November 2012, First Selectman Bill Brennan asked the Energy Commission to look into the feasibility of installing a fuel cell in Wilton.

In August 2013, at a meeting of the Wilton Energy Commission, chair Bruce Hampson reported on the status of Mr. Brennan’s evaluation request, which had become focused on a fuel cell installation at Wilton High School.

Commissioner Peter Wrampe agreed to undertake the evaluation effort.

On Jan. 22 of this year, the commission announced that Mr. Wrampe and other commission members would arrange a visit to FuelCell Energy Inc. in Danbury.

According to FuelCell Energy Inc.’s website, some advantages of fuel cells include:

• Ability to provide ultra-clean power without interruption.

• Extremely low emissions.

• High efficiency with fuel conversion efficiency.

• Independent of wind or sunshine.

• The generation of more electricity per unit of fuel than almost any other distributed energy source.

Fuel cells can be built almost anywhere, according to FuelCell Energy Inc., and operate on a variety of fuels, including methane from biogas, waste gas from industrial processes and natural gas.

“This is not a simple evaluation,” Mr. Hampson told The Bulletin last week.

Although no visit has been paid to FuelCell Energy Inc. or any other sources, said Mr. Hampson, Mr. Wrampe plans on doing so this month.