Wilton wells to be tested for arsenic and uranium contamination

The State of Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) is working collaboratively with several Connecticut health departments to evaluate the presence of arsenic and uranium in residential groundwater wells. In 2013, DPH announced that well testing in various towns around Connecticut indicated the presence of arsenic and uranium. While the distribution of contaminated wells was sporadic, there were enough findings statewide to prompt DPH to recommend testing for both metals in all Connecticut towns.

You may be aware that some wells in Wilton have been found to be contaminated with arsenic and uranium. In order to further investigate the extent of the contamination, the Wilton Department of Health in cooperation with the Connecticut Department of Public Health (CT DPH) will be conducting tests for arsenic and uranium in thirty (30) randomly selected wells throughout Wilton. We are currently asking for volunteers to participate in this well survey.

If your home is in Wilton, you may call to have your home considered for well water sampling. Sampling will be based on a randomized selection of entries. You must be willing to share the test results with the Wilton Health Department and CT DPH. The Wilton Health Department will schedule and sample the chosen locations and testing will be performed without charge at the new State of Connecticut Laboratory in Rocky Hill.

Should any of the samples be positive for the tested metals, advice will be provided on appropriate treatment. Due to an expected strong response to this request, only the 30 property owners selected will be contacted.

If you are interested in participating in this study, please contact Jennifer Zbell at (203) 563-0176.

For those residents that were not selected and wish to have their well tested, a number of private laboratories can be contacted for testing. Please see links below for more information or call (860) 509-7740 (DPH), or (203) 563-0174.

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