Violinist Alexander Markov wows Wilton High School

Once the lights in the Wilton High School Little Theater dimmed into complete blackness, Alexander Markov whipped out an illuminated bow and played the National Anthem on his electric violin, causing the audience to burst into cheers and applause.

Wilton High School students and faculty packed the Little Theater to attend the world-renowned violinist’s performance on Friday, April 11.

Mr. Markov played some classical melodies on his violin before taking out his six-string gold electric violin and wowing the crowd with some modern pieces.

His Wilton performance took place just weeks before his June 13 return to Carnegie Hall, where he had his New York debut recital in 1983.

Mr. Markov was born in Moscow in the early 1960s and studied violin with his father, concert violinist Albert Markov. He later emigrated to the United States with his parents and graduated from Darien High School.

Late violinist Yehudi Menuhin referred to Mr. Markov as “one of the most brilliant and musical of violinists.”

Mr. Markov, a Paganini International Violin Competition gold medalist, has performed with some of the world’s most celebrated orchestras and conductors.

Watch more clips of Mr. Markov's Wilton High School performance here.