Traffic light on Route 7 to get timing fixed

Wilton commuters who travel through Ridgefield on Route 7 have probably been wondering about the timing of one of the traffic lights.

The Bulletin's sister paper, The Ridgefield Press, reported on July 9 a badly timed traffic light on Route 7 at Haviland Road has been driving commuters batty for the past week.
“It would be so slow to change from red to green, and then such a short span of time for it to be green, that only five cars could get through,” said Antonia Davidson of Redding, who drives Route 7 frequently.
The badly timed light was causing traffic to build up on rush hour, as if  that wasn’t already an issue on Route 7.
A couple of calls by The Press to the state Department of Transportation apparently helped get to the bottom of the problem. It turns out the timing was disrupted because of paving work on Route 7, said Kevin Nursick, spokesman for the DOT. The loop detector was apparently damaged during paving work.
A minor adjustment was scheduled and the problem was to be resolved perhaps as soon as overnight, Davidson said a DOT worker told her on the telephone after one of her many complaints.
“The traffic signal needs to be put into a pre-programmed mode, to allow traffic flow at the intersection,” Nursick said.
Ridgefield Police said other lights on Route 7 would be reprogrammed as well, and sensors would be replaced when the paving work is done.
The drivers will be happy.
“Everybody will be glad about it,” Davidson said.