Town tests emergency notification system

Today, Oct. 21, the Town of Wilton is participating in a statewide emergency preparedness drill. Around 11:30 phones rang with a call from the Wilton Emergency Operations Center.

The call featured the voice of First Selectman Bill Brennan, saying, “This is a Code Red message from the Town of Wilton Emergency Operations Center. This is Bill Brennan, first selectman. This is an exercise. I repeat: This is an exercise.

“The Town of Wilton is participating in a statewide emergency planning exercise today. If this was a real emergency, citizens would be notified by Code Red message alerts. Similar emergency information and status reports would also be communicated on the Town’s website and by postings on the Town’s Facebook and Twitter social media accounts. Periodic emergency announcements will also be made on FM Radio Station WWT - 90.3 on FM channel.

“Emergency information will also be posted on orange-colored bulletins at key community locations, such as the Library, Comstock Community Center and various Wilton retail facilities.

“Once again, this is an exercise. This concludes this public emergency notification.”

More information regarding the drill can be found at this address.