State budget would cut $1 million from Wilton aid

Wilton stands to lose more than $1 million in state aid in the upcoming fiscal year if the budget being presented to the legislature in a special session is passed. The Senate is meeting today, May 12, and the House is expected to meet Friday, May 13, or Monday, May 16.
Gov. Dannel Malloy called it a “good budget,” which makes more than $820 million in long-term cuts, according to a statement he put out this morning. The state budget of $19.7 billion is expected to eliminate a $1-billion deficit.

Based on information released by the CT Mirror, Wilton would receive a total of $666,263 in education aid in fiscal year 2017, a decrease of $795,708 (-54.4%) from the current fiscal year.

That reflects a decrease of $796,141 in the Education Cost Sharing (ECS) grant, a decrease of $252 in transportation aid, and an increase of $685 in adult education aid.

The municipal side would also see a decrease. According to figures from the Hartford Courant, Wilton would receive $1,128,199 in municipal aid, down from $1,392,061 that was originally approved. That is a total downward revision of $263,862.

The town would receive $380,234 in a MRSA grant, $547,338 in a municipal sharing grant, and $330 in a PILOT grant, according to the 93-page budget.

MRSA is the Municipal Revenue Sharing Account intended to offset a cap on the property tax towns can charge on motor vehicles. The PILOT grant reimburses municipalities for tax-exempt state property.