State announces major transportation investments

Several of the state's investments in major highway, bridge and rail projects were announced today, April 15, as part of ConnDOT's 2014-2018 Transportation Capital Infrastructure Program.

"We have invested millions in our roads, bridges and railways over the last three years and have an ambitious five-year plan in place to continue upgrading and strengthening our transportation infrastructure well into the future, said Gov. Dannel Malloy.

"These projects will facilitate commerce, stimulate economic development, improve the daily commutes of countless residents and create thousands of immediate construction jobs."

The plan's major projects include:

  • Replacement of the I-84 Hartford viaduct.
  • Q Bridge replacement on I-95 in New Haven.
  •  Moses Wheeler Bridge replacement on I-95 in Stratford.
  • Putnam Bridge rehabilitation on Route 3 in Glastonbury.
  • Rehabilitation of the Merritt Parkway in Stamford.
  • Operational improvements on I-95 in Norwalk.

Gov. Malloy's proposed 2015 state transportation budget, proposed earlier this year, represents a 165% increase in funding compared to 2010 levels and includes approximately $1.4 billion to fund the largest transportation capital program the state has ever seen.

The 2015 transportation budget, which is currently being considered by the General Assembly, calls for the hiring of 75 ConnDOT engineers.

David Roche, president of the Connecticut State Building Trades, said investment in infrastructure not only creates a positive flow of goods, but also creates jobs and services.

"The result is a positive impact on Connecticut and its citizens," Mr. Roche said. "Our workers look forward to doing their part to upgrading and rebuilding our highways, roads and bridges for a better Connecticut."

"These projects not only provide local jobs, but once the improvements are in place, all of the benefits go to Connecticut residents," said Don Shubert, president of the Connecticut Construction Industries Association. "These much needed transportation improvements provide opportunities, change lives, and build stronger communities."

According to the governor's press release: "ConnDOT anticipates the availability of approximately $1.8 billion in the total capital program funding in federal fiscal year 2014 for all transportation modes," including:

  • Approximately $345 million for bus and rail assets.
  • Approximately $1.4 billion for highway and bridge infrastructure.

According to the press release, ConnDOT committed approximately $1.6 billion for all transportation modes in its 2013 Transportation Capital Infrastructure Program.

The program also calls for millions in investments in the New Haven commuter rail line, as well as the New Haven-Hartford-Springfield rail corridor, said DOT commissioner James Redeker.

Gov. Malloy announced last week that Connecticut applied for $600 million in federal transportation funding for three resiliency projects central to the Metro-North's commuter rail infrastructure.