Redding Garden Club pledges $5,000 to NRVT

The Town of Redding has long been supportive of The Redding Garden Club, and now the club “finds itself in a position to be able to give back.”

Thanks to years of successful Annual Plant Sales and Fall Boutiques, the club has built up a fair amount of reserve cash. And, after considering many options, the club’s executive board has decided to make a one-time $5,000 donation to the Norwalk River Valley Trail.

“Over the years our Annual Plant Sales and Fall Boutiques have been a huge success,” a press release from the organization says. “Hard work on these events by Lynn Grant, Catherine Riordan, Melanie Goldstine, Catherine Streit, and Victoria Eastus, along with the dedicated involvement of our membership, has greatly increased our revenue.”   

The donation will be used for the construction of the Redding portion of the Norwalk River Valley Trail (NRVT), which, in its entirety, will eventually stretch from Norwalk to Danbury.

“This donation aligns beautifully with our RGC by-laws, ‘to assist the town in its conservation activities, by developing a concerted movement for the preservation and development of the natural beauty of the town,’” the press release continues to say.

“The Board wanted to make a grand gesture to show how much we appreciate the support of the town and its residents to contribute to a public venue that promises to endure for generations to come.”

Stuart Green, head of the Redding Trail Tenders, a group of volunteers who help to maintain the over 60 miles of hiking trails in Redding, and Susan Green, RGC member, commented on what kind of addition this trail system will be for our community:

“The Norwalk River Valley Trail will traverse land originally purchased by the state for a Super 7 highway from Norwalk to Danbury. Planning for this 10-foot wide, multi-use trail has been ongoing for a number of years and has finally reached the implementation stage,” the Greens wrote.

“The thirty-eight mile long trail system will welcome hikers, joggers, cyclists, grandparents strolling with their grandchildren, parents pushing strollers and those just out to walk their pet. Many sections will meet accessibility standards and we are planning for equestrian use in Redding.

“The wide, packed cinder recreational trail will accommodate many more uses than our more rugged hiking trails, and thus need to be professionally designed and built to current sustainable trail standards. This is an expensive endeavor, but we will be creating a lasting amenity for the community. Through two years of mailing campaigns, the Redding section of the NRVT has already had wonderful support from our community, enabling the funding of our detailed design and construction documents. Now, we are shovel ready!

“This generous gift by the Redding Garden Club propels our fund-raising to the next level. We hope that it will inspire other groups and individuals to see this same vision of the future for Redding and the Norwalk River Valley communities. The NRVT is all about connectivity. The Garden Club has made a point of reaching out to and connecting like-minded groups in our community, and NRVT implementers thank you for your leadership.”

Any residents that would like to join the Redding Garden Club and others in the community by contributing to the Norwalk River Valley Trail system, can send donations via check to: Friends of the NRVT, Inc., PO Box 174, Georgetown, CT 06829. Credit card and PayPal donations may also be made online at

Please write “Redding Implementation” on your check or online comment space.

If you would like to join the NRVT group to help as a volunteer, please contact Stuart Green by email: